Tips and Tricks for Redeeming Points

Now that you know the step by step process (thanks to last weeks post) we wanted to give you a few extra tips for the process!

1. Try to redeem a few days earlier than the deadline to allow time for processing and make sure everything goes smoothly. This will give us plenty of time to help solve any issue if one were to arise.

2. Remember you can redeem to different charities. You will have to go through the redemption process twice (next week, we’ll show you how to add another designated charity to your account).

3. Double check that you’ve chosen the correct charity when redeeming.

4. Make sure you redeem by the deadline.

5. If you don’t receive the redemption confirmation email in your inbox, check your spam/junk mail in case it went there.

TerraCycle Confirmation

Any other tips or tricks you and your Brigade have learned? We want to hear them!

2 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks for Redeeming Points

  1. I would also add to print a copy of your account and all of your totals BEFORE you redeem anything so you have proof of your account balances before redemption just in case anything happens to your credit during the process or if you never receive your confirmation e-mail and or your check when checks are cut.


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