Tips to Keep your Summer Time Collections Up!

The temperatures are starting to rise, noses are getting sunburnt, and we’re starting to spend more time outside. What does that mean? … Summer! With summer comes the close of the school year, which means that it is harder to keep collections (and therefore fundraising) up for your school, club, or community group.

Our Brigades team created a School Break Collection Guide to help you keep collections up during the summer.

One of the best ways to do this is choosing key locations (a school, a community building, the community pool) for collection boxes. Always remember to check with the facility for permission, and explain why your collections are so important!

You should also appoint a collection leader for each of these spots. The collection leader will collect the trash, and bring it to the Brigade leader to be sent in to TerraCycle.

Be sure to spread the word via a newsletter home to parents, an email to parents, and signs around the community before school is out at the beginning of the summer. Check the School Break Collection Guide for extra details and help!

How do you keep collections up during the summer? We want to know!

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