10 Ways You Know You’re a Hardcore TerraCycle Brigade Member

Written by: Laura Michaels

Collecting for a TerraCycle Brigade can be challenging.  How do you know you are a hardcore Brigade member?

  1. You organize your trash into different piles so it will be easier to send to TerraCycle.
  2. You pull bottles and cans out of your neighbor’s trashcan.
  3. You force your dorm building to collect all its empty beauty products so you can win The Garnier Dorm Cleanup Contest.
  4. You knock the chip bag out of your dad’s hand when he tries to put it in the candy wrapper pile.
  5. You eat Athenos products for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  6. You go through your local elementary school’s trash looking for used Elmer’s Glue sticks and bottles for the Annual Classroom Cleanout.
  7. Your kids only eat Lunchables.
  8. When you see people smoking, you wait for them to finish and then ask for the butt.
  9. You drink ten cups of Nespresso a day.
  10. You go to parties just so you can gather Solo Squared cups.

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