T.G.I…D.I.Y Garnier Earrings

It’s time for another TGI…DIY!

In this TGI…DIY project, we turn empty Garnier cosmetic tubes into a pair of stylish earrings. If there is a tube you aren’t sending to TerraCycle to be recycled through the Personal Care and Beauty Brigade®, you can repurpose it into something fashionable and unique. All you need are some jump rings, earring wires and your old empty tubes. You can be creative with the shapes and the colors of the plastics. You can also incorporate beads into the design of the earrings to add additional details.


If you are the bold kind, try using larger pieces of shaped plastic and layering them into chic statement pieces. These earrings are easy and fast to make.

These earrings are not only a great accessory for you; they could also be a budget-friendly and environmental gift for your friends and family.

Download the PDF from the TerraCycle website.  You can also go to TerraCycle’s YouTube channel to watch an instructional video made with one of our design junkies.  Be sure to post photos of your crafty and fabulous creations to TerraCycle’s Facebook and Twitter pages!  Check back next week to see a new DIY.  Download the earrings PDF here.

Watch the step by step tutorial video

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