T.G.I…D.I.Y. Wine Charm

Next time you are having guests over, consider making wine charms for their glasses by upcycling The Naked Grape wine box.  This is quite the charming project!

Skærmbillede 2017-11-01 kl. 15.35.29

All you will need is The Naked Grape empty wine box, a dime, pair of scissors or craft knife, pencil, cutting mat, and a permanent marker. The dime helps you measure and cut out a circle just the perfect size for the stem of a wine glass.

Use a permanent marker to write each guest’s name on a charm so there is no confusion over the owner of each glass as the party gets started.  You will certainly charm your guests with this easy, upcycled project.

Download the step by step PDF! If you’re thirsty for more projects, check out our website and we’ll see you next Friday for more T.G.I…D.I.Y!

          Watch the step by step D.I.Y

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