TerraCycle and Henkel Break New Ground with First Recycling Program for Industrial Adhesives Packaging


Henkel’s commitment to leadership and sustainability is deeply embedded in their values, which is why they’ve become the world’s first adhesives manufacturer to provide a green solution to their packaging. This solution is called the Anaerobic Adhesive Recycling Program. Through the Anaerobic Adhesive Recycling Program, businesses can launch or meet companywide sustainability goals while still enjoying the benefits of their favorite Henkel products.

There are also a variety of benefits to using the Anaerobic Adhesive Recycling Program that can even help to enhance business practices. The Anaerobic Adhesive Recycling Program provides easy talking points to start a conversation with consumers. The program can enhance agreements and contracts by being used as sustainability driven leverage in existing service agreements.

Each recycling box has eye-catching graphics that will grab the attention of both employees and customers, adding a level of sophistication and interest to a company’s recycling processes.

Lastly, the recycling program adds credibility. The only way to recycle this packaging is with Henkel. Participating in the recycling program is easy. To get started, businesses can contact their Henkel distributor or LOCTITE® industrial sales person to order recycling boxes today.

Once received, TerraCycle recommends placing recycling boxes in an area near adhesive applications. All LOCTITE bottles must be closed and capped before placing them into the box. When the recycling box is full, the liner must be tightly closed inside the box prior to shipping. Once the top of the box is sealed securely with packing tape, it can be placed in the designated shipping area to be sent back to TerraCycle.

When TerraCycle receives the box, the adhesive packing will be recycled into new, innovative products, like park benches, chairs, watering cans and even paving stones.

For more information about this recycling initiative, click here. For existing LOCTITE adhesives customers, you may also contact your Henkel distributor or LOCTITE industrial sales representative.

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