Bear Naked Celebrates 10 Years Recycling with TerraCycle

Flexible plastic pouches make our favorite foods and beverages more convenient, portable and easy to enjoy. They reseal and zip, tear and pour, and keep products fresh for longer, at home and in store. In some ways, they’re even good for the environment, cutting down on CO2 emissions released during production and transport by using […]

Staying Healthy + Eco-friendly On the Go

During the summer, we get comfortable with “go with the flow” breakfast, lunch, and dinner routines, but it’s time to head back to school. This time of year, children (and adults!) are always on the go, and often in the car. Whether you’re driving them to extracurricular activities, learning camps or weekend play dates, it’s important to have […]

Zero Waste Bathroom Tips, Brought to You by Tom’s of Maine

Kickstart a cleaner spring by learning how to easily reduce waste from your bathroom products! Whether you swap out disposables for reusable products or switch to eco-friendly and recyclable options, show the planet you care by checking out these simple tips for a zero waste bathroom!   Use Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Toilet paper is one […]

Four Inexpensive Ways To Be More Environmentally Sustainable

By: Jennifer Eckley It does not have to cost a ton of money to become more environmentally sustainable. There are so many inexpensive ways to accomplish this important goal. Not only are they cheap but they are quick and simple fixes you can integrate into your everyday life. By taking small steps in the right […]