Westwood Village Opens California’s First Cigarette Butt Recycling Program

Cigarette butts beware -- cigarette waste recycling is finally coming to California! TerraCycle and Los Angeles’s Westwood Village have teamed up to bring the very first cigarette butt recycling program to the state of California. By partnering with TerraCycle, the Westwood Village Improvement Association will be installing 15 cigarette butt receptacles across various highly trafficked [...]

Bringing Sustainability to College Campuses

Written by: Brittany Thatcher  The College of New Jersey, only about four miles away from the TerraCycle headquarters in Trenton, New Jersey, has recently signed on to the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment, along with many other colleges and universities across the country. By doing so, TCNJ is making a commitment to reduce [...]

4 Cool Gadgets in Green Consumer Tech

Written by: Albert L. Eserjose People say that the simple things in life are the best. What’s to say that simple things can’t be eco-friendly? Here are some eco-friendly substitutes for traditional consumer tech: Poweradd Apollo 2: Every phone user has run into the issue of drained batteries. It helps to have an external battery on hand, [...]

EPA Recommends Tighter Ozone Standards

Written by: Michael Benavides The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is calling for tougher ozone standards in the United States by the year 2037. According to the EPA, the current ozone standard of 75 parts per billion (ppb) – the acceptable concentration of ozone in the air – insufficiently protects public health. If the EPA determines [...]

Want to recycle cigarette butts? No problem!

Want to recycle cigarette butts? No problem!

Recently, TerraCycle embarked on a partnership with Vancouver and New Orleans, making them the first cities in the world to start a city-wide cigarette recycling program. We’re extremely excited about it, but recycling cigarettes isn’t anything new to us. We’ve been doing it since 2012! And, even if you don’t live in either of these [...]