Season Finale of Human Resources Airing Tonight!

“Human Resources: Building the Future” Time for the big expansion on the season finale episode of “Human Resources”! Airing tonight at 10pm EST on Pivot TV, you will see the enormous new area TerraCycle has expanded to and completely upcycled. Conveniently located next door to the original TerraCycle headquarters, the building is a mass open […]

New Episode of “Human Resources” Airing Tonight

“Human Resources: Fine Wining” Airs 10pm EST Tonight’s episode of “Human Resources” is all about wine! Airing at 10pm EST on Pivot TV, this episode displays a classic example of what the concept of “upcycling” is all about. We at TerraCycle define “upcycling” as collecting difficult-to-recycling packaging and products and repurposing the material into new […]