Community Blog Profile – Candy Lane Elementary and Vanessa Mohler

Vanessa Mohler is an academic intervention specialist at Candy Lane Elementary in  Milwaukie, Oregon who runs the Brigade program at the school! Several years ago, Vanessa and Candy Lane Elementary started recycling one waste stream with TerraCycle, candy bar wrappers. Today they collect 15 different waste streams including writing instruments and oral care products. The [...]

Spotlight: Garfield East Elementary School

A few weeks ago, we visited Garfield Elementary, who participates in the Drink Pouch Brigade and the Elmer’s Glue Crew Brigade. They shared a few important lessons with us about how they promote their Brigades and get the students excited about recycling with TerraCycle. One of their boxes is decorated as a robot, to make [...]

Spotlight: Churchill Road Elementary

Churchill Road Elementary School upcycled its way into our Top 100 Chip Bag collectors, and they accomplished this with hours of effort, many participants, and loads of dedication. They’re a model of how to make a TerraCycle Brigade successful, and they’ve gone above and beyond to collect, earn, and reach others in the community. How [...]

Spotlight: The Paired Shoe Brigade

Original Post by: Elizabeth Guerrero from the: Room 201 Blog For this week's TerraCycle Tuesday, we're introducing a brand-spanking new brigade: the Paired Shoe Brigade! Personally, I'm very excited about the launch of this new brigade because it has come right at the time of year when my family sorts through our ever-growing pile of [...]

Spotlight on: Storage & Countryside Elementary School

Awhile back, we talked about juice pouches being icky and sticky, and how to deal with storing them. We know that collecting enough trash to meet Brigade minimums can be challenging, and that it’s difficult to store so much trash. Collecting should be fun, not problematic, so here are a few more ways to get [...]

TerraCycle Spotlight: Sustainable Westford

We are known for schools participating in our program, but not all TerraCycle participants are schools. In fact, one of our most accomplished participants is a community group from Westford, Massachusetts, who has rallied the entire town to join its recycling efforts. Kristina Greene helps run Upcycle It!, a community recycling program that sends items [...]