Jump-Start Your Summer TerraCycle Collections

The summer months are a great time of year with no school, warm weather, and plenty of time for vacations and parties.  While TerraCycle greatly emphasizes school-driven collections, just because classes have ceased, it doesn’t mean that the garbage dilemma has come to a halt!  In fact, between summer vacationing, gatherings among family and friends, [...]

Tips to Keep your Summer Time Collections Up!

Tips to Keep your Summer Time Collections Up!

The temperatures are starting to rise, noses are getting sunburnt, and we’re starting to spend more time outside. What does that mean? … Summer! With summer comes the close of the school year, which means that it is harder to keep collections (and therefore fundraising) up for your school, club, or community group. Our Brigades [...]

Spotlight: Churchill Road Elementary

Churchill Road Elementary School upcycled its way into our Top 100 Chip Bag collectors, and they accomplished this with hours of effort, many participants, and loads of dedication. They’re a model of how to make a TerraCycle Brigade successful, and they’ve gone above and beyond to collect, earn, and reach others in the community. How [...]

Approaching a local business: Will you help us collect?

If you want to partner with a local business, restaurant, or store to help increase collections and raise awareness of your recycling efforts, it’s important to approach them in a friendly manner and show the business how you can help them, not just how they can help you. In addition to a letter of invitation, [...]

Introducing the… School Break Collection Challenge!

Spring, Easter, and even SUMMER breaks are upon us, and we want to share with you a helpful tool for keeping collections up at school during these breaks. The “School Break Collection Challenge” will help keep your collections on track even when you’re out of the classroom (or not having meetings, etc!). Each student is [...]

Spotlight on: Storage & Countryside Elementary School

Awhile back, we talked about juice pouches being icky and sticky, and how to deal with storing them. We know that collecting enough trash to meet Brigade minimums can be challenging, and that it’s difficult to store so much trash. Collecting should be fun, not problematic, so here are a few more ways to get [...]