The TerraCycle Carden

Written by: Caroline Sandberg   There has been a recent addition to the courtyard at the TerraCycle headquarters here in Trenton, N.J. As you may have already seen on this blog, the courtyard was redesigned a couple years ago by our design staff, otherwise known as design junkies. The walls are covered in beautiful graffiti [...]

Department Profile: Business Development Department

Ever wonder how TerraCycle gets the necessary sponsorship to run the Brigade programs? That’s the job of our Business Development department. Thanks to them, we work with some of the largest companies in the world and collect more than 50 different products and packaging. The Business Development department didn’t exist until mid-2010 when TerraCycle’s CEO, [...]

Department Profile: TerraCycle Graphic Design Team

Ever wonder what the Graphic Design team at TerraCycle does?  Members of the graphic design team are responsible for a variety of tasks such as designing posters, producing digital product mockups, creating collecting units, making flyers and logos and just about everything that pertains to photography and film. In addition to being responsible for the [...]

Department Profile: Terracycle PR and Social Media Team

Thanks to TerraCycle,more than 20 million people in 20 countries have diverted billions of units of waste from landfills. The participation of all of these people worldwide helps make TerraCycle’s goal of eliminating the idea of waste possible.  The public relations and social media team at TerraCycle plays an important role in achieving this large [...]

Why Does Every Intern Want a TerraCycle Internship?

Why Does Every Intern Want a TerraCycle Internship?

Like many companies around the country, TerraCycle employs the help of hardworking, ambitious college students as interns. TerraCycle has had as many as 100 interns at a time who help advance projects in every aspect of the company. When Tom Szaky was first trying to start and grow TerraCycle, he employed a large intern team [...]