Inspiring Natural Resource Conservation at the Consumer Level

Inspiring Natural Resource Conservation at the Consumer Level

Taking long showers, shaving or brushing in the mirror with the water running, washing less-than-full loads of laundry and running tap water to cool it off for drinking are ways we waste water without even thinking about it. Being that humans are made up of 65 percent water, we can do so much better.

Get Your School to Join PepsiCo’s ‘Recycle Rally’ Today!

While you can always recycle traditionally non-recyclable waste with TerraCycle, did you know that your school can win prizes for the beverage cans and bottles it is already recycling? Thanks to PepsiCo and their partnership with TerraCycle, the PepsiCo Recycle Rally is coming to more schools than ever! K-12 schools have the chance to earn [...]

New Brigade Announcement!

The Brita Brigade We already know how ecologically friendly using a Brita water filter is rather than buying by the bottle—tons of plastic saved, money saved, and much less garbage simply by running tap water through a Brita filter. Now the Brita just got a whole lot greener… Announcing our newest brigade program, the Brita [...]