What To Do With All Your TerraCycle Points…

Written by: Caroline Sandberg Collecting the waste and sending it to TerraCycle is fairly straightforward but choosing what do with the points you receive for collecting may be a more complicated process. With most Brigade programs, your account is awarded with two TerraCycle points for each qualified piece of waste you send to TerraCycle. Those [...]

GoEco Fundraiser

GoEco Fundraiser

TerraCycle is proud to announce the GoEco! Ultimate Eco-Fundraiser™. This exciting joint venture will build upon the already great educational and fiscal benefits of the TerraCycle program by allowing Brigade members to reap benefits from the sale of the up-cycled products their waste contributions helped create. Through the traditional Brigade model, TerraCycle collectors receive points [...]

Troubleshooting: How to add a designated charity to your account

We recently walked you through redeeming your points for a charity or school donation, but you may not want to redeem to the same place every time. In this case, it’s important to know how to add another charity to your account so that you can make a donation to wherever you’d like. Or, you [...]