Our Latest Book Launch

Make Garbage Great: The TerraCycle Family Guide to a Zero-Waste Lifestyle Written by: Tricia Ang   As a follow up to Revolution in a Bottle and Outsmart Waste comes TerraCycle’s latest book, which aims to be the ultimate, one-stop resource for living a zero-waste lifestyle. Authored by TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky and VP of Marketing [...]

Want to recycle cigarette butts? No problem!

Want to recycle cigarette butts? No problem!

Recently, TerraCycle embarked on a partnership with Vancouver and New Orleans, making them the first cities in the world to start a city-wide cigarette recycling program. We’re extremely excited about it, but recycling cigarettes isn’t anything new to us. We’ve been doing it since 2012! And, even if you don’t live in either of these [...]

Overcoming the Recycling Challenges of Mixed Material Packaging

Tom’s New Blog Post via Industry Intelligence Nowadays, K-Cups are the most popular way to have your coffee. It is so simple and convenient—just pop one of those handy, individual-serving cups into your Keurig, add water, and in second you have a piping fresh cup of coffee, and you toss that little package into the [...]